Monday, May 05, 2008

05/01/08 Report:

Pretty ordinary chase. I started out from Iola and decided to go NW into Coffey County. I caught an emerging sup as it began to wall up around LeRoy, KS. At first, it had a pretty decent updraft and I could see scud being drawn into at a rather rapid pace. However, it just couldn't get free of other convection and died a cold rainy death. I then headed south toward Humboldt, KS and some Tor warned storms. I had no live data and made some bad decisions on roads and position and never found myself in an area to see anything else of consequence. I decided to head home around dark.

When I went to sleep around 11:30 I knew a nice line of storms was racing my way. I was awoken at 1 AM by howling winds and trash cans rolling down the street I went to the window and saw some incredible winds. I would estimate at least 60-65.

Decent day with some excitement.

Here area some pics of the wall cloud and sunset below:


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