Wednesday, April 30, 2008

05/01/08 Severe Weather?

Well it looks like a possible severe weather day tomorrow. It is sort of a strange set up. A split low will throw many wrenches into the set up. Some of the main concerns I have are with low level clouds, lack of SBCAPE, warming 850mb temps and if the moisture can return in time. Some of the things I like are the nicely curved low level hodo, wonderful EHI and 0-3k SRH values of over 300. Will the low occlude? Will there be a forcing mechanism? Will a cap pop up and rear its ugly head? Can we get initiation during the daytime heating or will it initiate after sunset with a stronger LLJ? All things that will be watched closely. We are around 36 hours away from the event and things will look clearer in the morning.

Follow this link to the latest NAM forecast sounding or Chanute, KS.



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